Ubud in Bali – An Art Lover’s Paradise

For art lovers, Bali holidays provide the possibility to uncover numerous contemporary artists and unique galleries. The resort of Ubud usually teeming with art galleries, museums and workshops, by incorporating establishments even selling for the work with their artists. This can certainly be a fantastic way to pick-up an appealing souvenir or two on your Bali holidays. Here are a few with the more interesting galleries worth visiting.

Puri Lukisan

The name literally equals ‘Art Palace’ and if you’re an art lover, on your Bali holidays, you need to spend time running around this museum. The idea was spearheaded around 4 decades ago by the gang of artists and patrons in the Ubud Royal Palace. The idea ended up being to create a secular institution for art, which, in turn, would help legitimise the practice about the island. Puri Lukisan is scheduled in a peaceful garden flanked by beautiful statues and serene lily ponds. As each of the paintings inside the gallery are arranged in chronological order this too makes viewing them additional pleasurable.

Komenka Gallery

Komenka showcases art from young Indonesian artists and will be distinguished from Ubud’s other art galleries by its strikingly simple architecture. Whilst downstairs is now used up by the group collective, upstairs is specialized in the job of Made Djirna, a little daughter Balinese artist whose work is particularly memorable for representing the positioning and activities of females in health retreat bali.

Agung Rai Museum of Art

Agung Rai continues to be an avid art-collector since he would have been a tiny child, so as you can imagine his lifetime collection requires a fairly spacious museum. As galleries go, the area is big and, although its main focus is on art, it also contains certainly one of Ubud’s best restaurants. However, the museum offers a lot more then just divine food and contemporary Balinese art. It also boasts a gamelan orchestra, regular dance performances and a hip Italian café bordered by rows of neatly rolling rice fields.

Café Tutmak

This funky café showcases the task of one newly emerging artist at a time. Each exhibition lasts between one and six months and runs alongside a perpetual exhibition with the installation artist, Lotte Hannetz. Lotte’s famous installation is often a number of full-size dangling chairs, swinging overhead in the breeze. The piece is actually a subtle jibe at Indonesian’s excruciating sense from the relative a higher level things, as well as is the term for a typical Balinese joke regarding the amount of mobiles and windcharms bought by visitors on his or her Bali holidays.

Ibah Gallery

The Ibah Gallery is found somewhat about the outskirts of Ubud, and is also the showcase to the “Bali Kangin-Kauh Group” a collective of incredibly talented artists. One from the artists, an Englishman, did on various album covers for that band, Pink Floyd, and possesses a resumé this includes work on the Beatles’ ‘Yellow Submarine’ film. However, the work within this gallery is contemporary Balinese and mainly focuses on painting the various forms of energy that surround the human form.

Nyoman Sumertha Fine Art Gallery

If you enjoy the job of Claude Monet, then you will be interested in this highly respected memorial you Bali holidays. The gallery focuses on the work of Jason Monet, a larger than life character, that’s speculated to certainly be a descendant of Claude. N.B: Galleries mentioned will likely change without prior notice.