I Searched And Found LinkedIn

When Monster.com was new, the big idea was to post jobs online. As an HR person,

I can tell you, Monster is a pretty awful place to post jobs. You get KILLED with

unwanted resumes from job seekers all over the world. I truly believe that

Monster.com is the reason that HR people no longer respond to online job seekers –

and sometimes offline job seekers – with any kind of response.

如何有效利用 linkedin?Anyway, over time HR people and recruiters figured out that the real value to

Monster is the ability to search the candidate database (for wobb companies a fee). Maybe some of

the same thing is happening with LinkedIn. What seems like the obvious benefit to

membership may not be the key feature for a lot of users. See what you think about

this LinkedIn primer that I share with my friends. If I’m doing something I shouldn’t

be doing on LinkedIn, I’d love to know that too!

1) Your profile itself is a great value to joining LinkedIn. I get great, useful contacts

from my profile appearing on LI, and wobb companies of course it’s free.

2) Even if you’re not job-hunting or doing business developing or wobb companies searching for

contacts yourself, it’s a great thing to be able to be a conduit for your friends. They

really appreciate that service that you can provide for them. Just the reconnect-

with-an-old colleague bit is a godsend: where else can you do that online?

3) LinkedIn is the Google for individuals who aren’t high on Google rankings. That

means anyone who’s in a corporation but not senior enough to appear on the About

Us/Management Bios page (although of course, those execs are often on LinkedIn

too); anyone who is a partner in a consulting firm but perhaps not often in the news

or otherwise mentioned online; and linkedin zillions of other people whom you’d have

trouble finding if it weren’t for internships LinkedIn.

4) Let’s say you have a business meeting with the VP of Marketing at a major

corporation next week. If it weren’t for his profile on LinkedIn (say, if you were

having this meeting three years ago), how would you learn where he went to school,

where he worked before his current job, and other details about him? With the help

of his LinkedIn profile, you’re a zillion times better prepared for wobb the meeting.

5) Now let’s say that VP of Marketing is behind the curve and doesn’t have a

LinkedIn profile. No big; you find another connection of yours who works at the VP’s

current company, wobb and ping her for some background. See? LinkedIn to the rescue


6) Want to know who’s working in a particular industry space in a given city?

LinkedIn search. Intelligence gathering, wobb jobs even if you never contact any of the people

you find.

My point is that there’s lots more to LinkedIn than just reaching out to people for

job leads and for business development leads – not that either of those are bad

things. And I agree with other posters that you have to use the tool, linkedin rather than just

join up and sit there like a lump. But I’d love to hear stories of some more creative

uses for LinkedIn, from other users…

Thanks for sharing your compelling story with everyone, Liz. When I think about

your point with Monster. If you enjoyed this write-up and wobb jobseekers you would such as to get more facts pertaining to internships (images.google.tl) kindly visit our own web site. com causing recruiters to never list jobs online anymore, I

not only know that it’s true from personal experience, but also find it to be an

interesting example of the law of unintended consequences, in the same way that a

site like LinkedIn helps with market research or background checks.

At the end of the day, in business you’re ultimately constrained only by the skills

you can bring to the table and the network of friends and acquaintances you can call

on for help, advice and assistance. And if you don’t help them when you can, of

course, it doesn’t take long to be ostracized from a group, however informal or far-

flung. But if you are part of a circle of professionals, you will always grow your

career faster, smarter, and more profitably.

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