How To Get More LinkedIn Engagement And Clicks

Summerinternships.pngDo you share content on LinkedIn? Wondering how to publish LinkedIn content that gets more clicks and engagement?

In this article, you’ll discover how to develop and share LinkedIn posts people click on.

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People want to know you—your passions, your sense of humor, and what makes you someone worth paying attention to. You have valuable stories to share. You know things, which is why you’re doing the work you’re doing. If you cherished this report and linkedin you would like to obtain far more information regarding internships kindly visit our web-site. Sharing your knowledge, expertise, and experience on LinkedIn can help other people achieve their dreams.

With access to so many people on social platforms, we often get lost in the idea that we have to appeal to a lot of people or even everyone. The best results come when we’re true to ourselves, internships leading other people to find us for what makes us unique and interesting.

You want to develop content for LinkedIn that will appeal to an important group of 500-1,000 people who can make a difference in your business. Don’t focus on virality because viral content is either lightning in a bottle that’s hard to duplicate or something that gets a lot of marketing push. The volume of quality content over time is the game you can control.

Keep in mind that LinkedIn loves to see two things happen: clicking on a post and staying on the platform. So the core approach is to create content that keeps people clicking inside LinkedIn.

#1: Research Engaging Content Ideas for internships LinkedIn

Before you create content for LinkedIn, internships you need to find topics that will engage your audience on the platform. Here are three sites that can help you gauge interest.

Vet Topics With Quora

For content you plan to post on LinkedIn, vet your topics on Quora. This means go to Quora and wobb answer questions that users have posted. When you find a piece of content you like on Quora, you might consider expanding it for a longer-form post on LinkedIn. Pay attention to the questions that come up repeatedly on Quora and aggregate them into LinkedIn posts.

Contribute to HARO

HARO (Help a Reporter Out) is an online sourcing service for journalists. They use the site to seek sources on topics they’re writing about. It’s also a great resource if you want the opportunity to get your expert insights picked up by journalists.

When you sign up for the site (for free), you’ll receive daily emails with links to articles that reporters are looking for people to contribute to, as shown in the example below. You can then submit responses to their questions, and if your answers aren’t picked up for an article, wobb use those comments as LinkedIn posts.

Answer Questions on Reddit

I’m in subreddits that are relevant to my digital advertising business, and I submit comments on posts that I can expertly speak to. As with Quora, the best of these comments turn into LinkedIn posts.

The benefit of contributing to Reddit in this way is you get a sense of the topics on which you have expert knowledge that other people are looking for. The marketplace defines what users like and don’t like, and you have a way of vetting the best content for LinkedIn.

#2: Publish Longer LinkedIn Posts to Activate the See More Feature

This tactic is straightforward: jobs Write longer posts with no links outside of LinkedIn and no images of any kind. The key is to get the See More link to appear at the bottom of your post, encouraging people to read your entire piece. This counts as a click, which tells LinkedIn your content is engaging.

LinkedIn posts can be about 1,300 characters, or 170 words, which is more than enough space to write a full story, share facts, and define supporting examples for your network to read.

#3: Post 6+ Photos at Once

This is the visual version of See More, where your LinkedIn post shows five photos and a “+1,” “+2,” and so on for more photos to be seen if the user clicks. Each click gives LinkedIn more feedback that your post is engaging and pushes the post to more people.

Here are some ways you could use this feature:

– Share photos from an industry party and wobb employers tag the people you met as a follow-up to your brief interactions, recreating that sense of togetherness.

– Post six images that tell a full story, internships where you pair images and internships short quotes.

– Highlight six brands that are having an impact on your life right now.

#4: Share Valuable PDFs on LinkedIn

It’s possible to post PDFs to LinkedIn from the desktop. At first glance, uploading PDFs to LinkedIn may not sound interesting but I think it’s currently one of the best-kept LinkedIn secrets. PDFs are click-generating goldmines because each page gives the user a fresh piece of content to click on.

PDFs are often dry, with small fonts, lots of text, and linkedin partner the potential for a snooze-fest, but you can do much more with them. Try creating PDFs that are visually appealing square canvases with combinations of big bold text, colors, linkedin partner and designed shapes to make the message simple.

This easy-to-consume content is a new way to communicate in a professional environment. Combine a strong central point and internships supporting facts with decent design elements and easy-to-read text.

Here are some ways to use LinkedIn document sharing:

– Tell an informative story with images and text. If you have five bullet points you want to share, each bullet can be a slide, along with an intro slide, wobb jobs a thank-you slide, and two to three supporting slides scattered throughout.

– Distill podcast knowledge into 10 slides containing the top quotes from the episode.

– Share insights and trends for the upcoming year in your industry.

– Share five industry facts from new research, one in each slide.

#5: Play to the LinkedIn Algorithm

Regardless of the type of content you post on LinkedIn, following these practices can help you get better visibility for that content:

Aim for volume with the minimum level of quality. You know what the minimum level of quality is for you so make sure that every post achieves that threshold. Publish volumes of content and LinkedIn will push your content to the people most likely to benefit from it.

People who likely aren’t interested won’t see your content. If you post 100 times a day on LinkedIn, you won’t alienate your audience because doing so would hurt LinkedIn, and wobb jobseekers LinkedIn won’t position your content to fail that way. If your posts start reaching fewer people, that’s a sign you need to switch something up.

Keep people on LinkedIn. While not a hard-and-fast rule (linking out is fine occasionally), do your best to keep your content on LinkedIn. Don’t link out on your posts. Upload videos directly to LinkedIn if they’re shorter than 10 minutes, rather than linking to YouTube.

Use up to three hashtags on LinkedIn to get discovered in relevant content channels. The more relevant your content, the more likely people browsing that channel will engage with your content and share it with a larger audience. Make sure you choose hashtags that are relevant to your post.

Engage with your commenters quickly and often. The more engagement, the better your exposure, not to mention the engagement level of your business prospects.