Bing Advantages Over Google

After all, the term “google” has even entered the global lexicon thanks to the company.

But when you get down to actual results and advantages, it seems that Google’s newest competitor Bing has quite a bit to recommend it. If you are going to launch an aggressive google search engine marketing campaign, you may want to forgo the most popular for now, and go with the most effective.

Bing’s many advantages over Google are as follows:

1. Less competitive.

Since Google still has the collective attention of Internet users everywhere, they are able to maximize what they charge for keywords and, in turn, their advertising dollars.

Bing, on the other hand, is able to approach new users with the proposition of more for less. Online marketers never have to fight tooth and nail for google search engine traffic like they would have to on Google, and when you are competing for billions of eyeballs, that can come in incredibly handy.

2. Lower bid pricing.

If you are in to internet advertising – and if you want to make money with your business, then you should be – you realize that low advertising budgets can do amazing things on the Internet. With Bing, they can do even more because the keywords that are available can be claimed for fractions of what Google would charge in some cases.

Sometimes, in order to grow bigger, you’ve got to focus on the smaller opportunities, and Bing, at least for now, gives you more affordable preference across the board for building text ad campaigns and optimizing your website.

3. Higher conversion.

Since Bing is a more highly focused group of users, the information that these users are able to derive from the service and discover useful is more likely to result in conversions.

And if you are eyeing to generate revenue, then you realize conversion is the most important thing in the entire internet marketing process. All those advertising dollars would be wasted otherwise. You simply need a return on your investment. With Google, you are making a larger upfront investment for lower returns more than likely.

Bing allows you to spend less and gain more. This healthy competition from Bing has given many business persons and my response entrepreneurs the chance to compete in the war for web traffic.

And once the traffic starts rolling in, it is much easier for the dollars to follow.

While you shouldn’t ignore titans like Google in your marketing efforts, you shouldn’t automatically assume they’re the best for you when there are other options.

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